VVIP Class

The AI VVIP Class is a tailored curriculum dedicated to the immersion and engagement of your learning experience with opportunities to earn credentials from the UC Berkeley AI STEAM program, including learning certification, an invitation to form competitive teams to participate in the ROAR competition, and, for the winning team, an invitation to publish your first technical papers on the ROAR UC Berkeley website. We offer a range of learning experiences in the following topics: Python Coding, Computer Algorithms, Computer Vision, and Robotics with Application in Autonomous Driving.

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Journey to Discover Your Future Careers

The admission process to US universities is being updated dramatically to meet the post-pandemic world. Top schools have declared abandoning standardized SAT or ACT tests for years to come. As one familiar door is closing, Hitch Interactive will open another. Your journey starts with an application to our AI learning program in partnership with UC Berkeley.

After a thorough interview and discussion with our student counselor, we will create a tailored curriculum to immerse your learning experience with the entire Berkeley AI STEAM program, including learning certification, an invitation to form competitive teams to participate in the ROAR competition, and for the winning team a further invitation to publish your first technical papers on Berkeley website. Those with a leadership mindset can consider applying for Berkeley ROAR Ambassadors program.

After a thorough interview and discussion with our student counselor, we will create a tailored curriculum to immerse your learning experience with the entire Berkeley AI STEAM program, including learning certification, invitation to form competitive teams to participate in ROAR competition, and for the winning team a further invitation to publish your first technical papers on Berkeley website. For those with leadership mindset can consider applying for Berkeley ROAR Ambassadors program.

Bespoken VVIP Student Roadmap

Whether you have zero coding background or a strong coding background, Hitch Interactive offers a bespoke VVIP program tailored to your learning pace!

Stage 1

VVIP Level 1 Class- Python Scientific Programing

Basic Programming Skills Python Coding principles, data structure and AI Algorithm

Stage 2

VVIP Level 2 Class- Modern Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Programming Skills Introduction to AI, Machine learning, robotics labs and exciting AI racing

Stage 3

Competition Preparation

Guideline for students to get familiar with The Robot Open Autonomous Racing (ROAR) competition rules

Stage 4

Participate in the competition

Participate in The Robot Open Autonomous Racing (ROAR)

Hitch Interactive Teaching Team

Hitch Interactive’s teaching team team is composed of undergraduates and graduate students majoring in computer science and artificial intelligence from top universities in the United States, all of whom have received professional training. They offer bilingual tutoring in both Chinese and English, analyzing real-time questions and providing answers to ensure that students fully understand and master the teaching content and complete their programming training.

AI teaching Assistant:

Learning AI with AI Assistant: Nurturing Tomorrow's Visionaries!

Introducing ROAR-GPT, our cutting-edge innovation in AI education. We’ve harnessed the power of large language models to train a dedicated 24-hour AI Teaching Assistant (AI TA). This remarkable AI TA is designed to answer questions, provide guidance, and assist our students in solving coding problems, offering an invaluable resource that enhances the learning experience and supports their AI journey around the clock.

AI Curriculum

We have revised our courses more than ten times to keep pace with the latest AI trends. We have also created a highly customized Large Language Model (LLM), ROAR-GPT, to provide our students with 24/7 AI teaching assistance. Our learning materials are meticulously crafted to prepare our students for success in leading AI competitions, such as ROAR and the Indy Autonomous Challenge, helping them secure a variety of endorsements from UC Berkeley.

VVIP Stage 1 Curriculum

Python Scientific Programing

1.1 Introduction to Python Programming

1.2 Python Numeric Types

1.3 Strings and Text Input/Output

1.4 Lists

1.5 Conditions and Loops

1.6 Functions

1.7 Tuples and Dictionaries

1.8 Sets and Hashing

1.9 Classes and Object-Oriented Programming I

1.10 Classes and Object-Oriented Programming II

VVIP Stage 2 Curriculum

Modern Artificial Intelligence

2.1 Files

2.2 NumPy

2.3 Visualization

2.4 Gradient Descent

2.5 Perceptron

2.6 Deep Neural Networks

2.7 Introduction to Autonomous Driving

2.8 PID Control

2.9 Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

2.10 Training Controllers using Gym

Personalized Learning Curriculum

Our best bespoke learning experience puts individual needs at the core of every class.

Every student owns unique talents waiting to be discovered and adequately developed. “Teach in accordance with aptitude” is the principle we stand for. Regardless of whether you have taken AI or coding courses or not, our curriculum structure, our VVIP program will fully adapt to each student’s background and own speed and complement our battle-tested AI curriculum with customized class schedule, interactive lab sessions, and extensive competition training helping students to win their future career challenges.


Target students:  Grade10 to college undergraduates 

Entry Level Courses

Python Scientific Programing
(20 – 40 Hours Livestream)

Advanced Level Courses 

Modern Artificial Intelligence
(20 – 40 Hours Livestream)

ROAR Global Invitational Competition

Each student will need to form a team no later than 4 weeks prior to the competition to participate

Pre-Competition Training

Customized intensive training courses (20-40 hours) to the unique composition and background of each team member

The above is a sample curriculum. Actual curriculum depends on student’s case.

About ROAR

The Robot Open Autonomous Racing (ROAR) is a global invitational AI Racing tournament founded and officially endorsed by UC Berkeley University. ROAR is one of the leading AI racing competitions that provide a low-cost platform for competition, education, and research. By participating in ROAR, contestants from around the world will have their official scores recognized on Berkeley’s ROAR website: roar.berkeley.edu. Winning solutions will also receive invitations to publish their code and technical papers on UC Berkeley’s official website.’’ The UC Berkeley ROAR Competition offers one of the leading benchmarks for students, from K-12 to university-level, to showcase their capabilities in AI and STEM.

Success Stories

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“Hitch2049 AI program is unique because you learned about these abstract coding concepts, but after that, you are able to directly apply to a real solution that is very interesting, autonomous vehicle racing.”

Daniel, a member of the Class of 2022 VVIP students at Hitch2049, is currently studying at Cornell University with majors in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Government. Before joining Hitch2049’s AI curriculum, Daniel had a keen interest in computer science. After intensive training from the Hitch2049 VVIP program, Daniel improved his programming skills to a professional level. He also learned real-life applications of AI in autonomous racing scenarios, enabling him to lead a team that won the first prize in the ROAR competition in August 2022.


Daniel’s remarkable accomplishment in the ROAR competition paved the path for his seamless transfer to Cornell University upon completing his freshman year. He believes that what distinguishes Hitch2049 from other programs is its focus on directly applying acquired knowledge to intriguing real-life solutions, such as autonomous racing. The AI learning experience helped establish a robust foundation for his university coursework, as well as for related internship opportunities.


Looking ahead, Daniel envisions a future for himself either as a businessman or a tech regulator. Hitch2049 is committed to supporting students like Daniel in both their career and personal growth.

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“Before Hitch2049, I really thought that computer science was a bit boring because my classes at school were more textbook-like where you take a test of these conceptual knowledge and never apply in a real scenario. However, at Hitch2049, we had a very collaborative, open as well as easy to conceptualize and apply knowledge-based program and I really have opened my passion to computer science and I really thank Hitch2049 for that.”

Peter joined Hitch2049 VVIP program as an advanced junior high school student from Houston, Texas. While being the founder of the AI Club at his school and completing the AP course in CS, Peter’s primary goal was to better understand the pragmatic applications of CS and AI in real life. As Peter also has a strong interest in business, practicality and product-market-fit of any technology were important to him.


Hitch2049’s counselor identified Peter’s pain points, curating a curriculum that zeroed in on the skills and knowledge of AI and machine learning in pursuit of autonomous driving applications. To further enhance his application skills, Peter, as the team captain, formed a competition team to compete in Berkeley’s ROAR competition, where they won ROAR’s S2-series First Place Award in 2021. Reflecting on this accomplishment, Peter expressed that this journey added a valuable material to his personal resume.


Looking forward, Peter sees the vast potential of AI in shaping business landscapes. Hitch2049 is committed to supporting and guiding budding visionaries like Peter along their academic and professional journeys.

Zheyuan Wu, a Hitch2049 VVIP alum from Hunan Province, China, was admitted to the prestigious Washington University in St. Louis – one of the U.S. private research universities regarded as the “Hidden Ivy League.” In 2020, Zheyuan started taking Hitch2049 AI curriculum with zero Python coding background. However, he soon realized his passion for computer science, especially computer games.


With the extensive training under Hitch2049 faculty, Zheyuan attended the ROAR S1-series competition with his school teammates in 2020 and won the second place in the overall ranking and a special award of Fatest Single Lap, beating even some undergraduate student teams from UC Berkeley. His success in learning further motivated him to become a TA volunteer to coach other junior students from his high school alma mater to get into learning AI early in their careers. Zheyuan’s dedication in research and his talents demonstrated through the ROAR competition convinced Washington University in St. Louis to invite him to continue his study in his dream major, Computer Science.


As Zheyuan moves forward, he stands as a testament to what dedication, mentorship, and a supportive environment can achieve. Hitch2049 remains proud of nurturing talents like Zheyuan, shaping them for a future full of possibilities.

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“Interesting, Engaging, Challenging, Comprehensive, Fast-paced, Well-organized, Hands-on, Informative, Intensive.”

Phillips Academy Andover is ranked as the best private school in the US and is famous for its STEAM education, where Amanda as an alumnus of Hitch2049 VVIP program is pursuing a promising career in engineering and artificial intelligence. When Amanda was still an 8th-grade student from a Bay Area public school, she developed an intense interest in the STEAM field. Working with Hitch2049 career counselor, the program helped her to craft a precise path that best fits her goals. Our VVIP AI curriculum was particularly suitable for her because the entire learning experience could be fully customized based on her existing skill set and her own pace. This experience built a strong portfolio when she applied to Phillips Academy Andover. At Andover, Amanda continued her journey with Hitch2049, where she led a student team of five to compete in Berkeley’s ROAR Competition in 2021. Through Hitch2049’s intensive pre-competition training, Amanda’s team won ROAR’s S2-series First Place Award. Today, Amanda is certain and confident to continue her path to become a computer scientist. Hitch2049 aspires to help more students like Amanda to achieve their academic and career goals, supporting girls in STEAM to open a door to unlimited opportunities.

Success Stories

Our student alums have formed winning teams to compete in Berkeley ROAR AI Racing. In the 2020 Season, 10th-grade students from Yali High school won the S1-series Second Place Award and Fastest Lap Prize. In the 2021 Season, Hitch2049 VVIP students from Phillips Academy Andover and other schools won the S2-Series First Place Award.

Shuwen Deng

Yali International Department High School

ROAR 2020 the fastest lap champion team

After contacting ROAR, I found that artificial intelligence does not only refer to robots, but to computers that overlap with many fields in science. I remember, once in class we used functions to predict changes in the stock market. It is closely related to our lives, it can also help me improve my competitiveness. Artificial intelligence courses will become a compulsory course for this generation.

Amanda Chiang

Phillips Academy Andover

ROAR 2021 winner S2 Series First Place

My experience with Hitch2049 has been very positive. My favorite part of the class is how Dr. Yang and his TA’s are always there to help answer any questions and help anyway they can to make sure all the students understand the material.