Hitch Play

We make STEM/STEAM education fun by bringing interactive and competitive plays to the iOS ecosystem. Our mobile apps allow users to be immersed in exciting AI and Metaverse experiences with their friends and family.

Hitch2049 App

A mobile AI gamification experience unlike any other! Hitch2049’s official app turns an RC car chassis into a fully autonomous racing robot with iPhones*. Built-in AR/VR gaming interface allows users to race their racer cars via immersive manual control, tuning AI agents, or integrating their Python computer programs.

* Some in-app autonomous driving functions require iPhone Pro models with LIDAR sensor.

The Hitch2049 App provides the following functions:

1. Connect to a compatible Hitch AI Racer through your iPhone.

2. Customize various performance parameters of each Hitch AI Racer.

3. Choose a customized professional track (there are currently two locations) or a home track.

4. Professional track enables VR virtual reality game functions.

5. Home provides AR augmented reality game functions.

6. Comes with AR selfie photography function.

Hitch2049 AR/VR Racing Game

AR/VR racing game with location-based experience and in-home experience. Join exciting AR/VR racing game through Hitch2049’s metaverse, anytime, anywhere!

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