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Hitch Salon offers an exclusive membership that connects individuals to a world of unique experiences and resources. From cutting-edge AI racing to access to elite education, our aim is to provide members with a glimpse into the future, helping them stay ahead in our rapidly changing world. Through our immersive Hitch Salon experiences, we offer unparalleled opportunities, from private jet adventures to winery tours, museums, and fine dining, enriching the lives of our valued members.

Member's Benefit

Owners of 1000 Yummy Hamo NFTs receive complimentary benefits of a Hitch Salon Membership. Become member now!

Member's Benefit

Life Enrichment

Global Formula AI Racing Event

Hitch Salon seamlessly integrates cutting-edge topics and theoretical knowledge in artificial intelligence for our members. We also provide Hitch Salon members with complimentary exclusive garage access to the worlds most exciting AI Racing events in Las Vegas, Monza Italy F1 track, and more exciting locations.


We are a proud sponsor of Berkeley AI Racing team: roar.berkeley.edu

Access to Education and innovation Eco-System

In our rapidly evolving world, disruptive technologies like AI, the metaverse, and blockchain are driving unprecedented change. Leading universities are at the forefront of cutting-edge research and innovation in these fields. As members of Hitch Salon, you gain access to an education and innovation ecosystem resources that enables you to connect with some of the world's brightest minds, empowering you to become future innovators.

Member's handshake

Hitch Salon’s membership network is a diverse tapestry of individuals, ranging from investors and executives to future innovators and emerging talents across various industries. Within our supportive community, members engage in dynamic exchanges of ideas, sparking discussions and collaborations that aim to shape a brighter future. As a member benefit, Hitch Salon offers a matchmaking service within our elite ecosystem, facilitating connections among resources and fostering collective growth. We wholeheartedly embrace the Web 3 motto: “Achieving success together.” Salon members are encouraged to send their wishes via email to member@hitchinteractive.com

Member's Benefit

Life Immersion

Exclusive Life Experience

Hitch Salon members are worldly explorers, but as a united community, we transcend cultural divides. Our dedication is to curate unparalleled experiences. From immersive Yummy Hamo private jet adventures to exclusive private museum access, Hitch Salon is passionately committed to elevating our memberships, amplifying member connections, and igniting excitement within our community.


  • Private Jet Gold Membership
  • Private Museum Exclusive Access

Immersive Dining

Hitch Salon proudly presents exclusive member perks at renowned eateries in dynamic cities like New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Orlando. Some of these culinary destinations have partnered with Yummy Hamo to offer immersive dining experiences that take your gourmet adventures to the next level.


  • Tangy Noodles- New York City

Hitch Salon Event

Global Destinations



Abu Dhabi



Las Vegas

New York

Hong Kong



Member's Handshake

Palace Gala Dinner @ Milano

Life Immersion

Private dining @ Napa

Life Immersion

Private Winery Tasting @ Napa

Education and Innovation

UC Berkeley NASA SUITS Project Networking @ Houston

Member's Handshake

Hitch Salon Event @ The LANA Dubai

Life Immersion

Skyline Dinner @ Michelin-starred Riviera

Global Formula AI Racing

AI Formula Racing @ Abu Dhabi

Yummy Hamo NFTs

Hitch @ Hong Kong Web3 Festival

Global Formula AI Racing

Indy Autonomous Challenge finale @ CES

Education and Innovation

Exclusive Garage Visit @ CES

Yummy Hamo NFTs

Tangy Noodle & Yummy Hamo NFTs Chef's Table Chat

Yummy Hamo NFTs

Hitch Fireside Chat with Princeton University Sorat Tungkasiri- “Gyoza” Owner

Hitch Salon Event

Yummy Hamo NFTs

Hitch Fireside Chat with Princeton University Sorat Tungkasiri- “Gyoza” Owner

Yummy Hamo NFTs

Tangy Noodle & Yummy Hamo NFTs Chef's Table Chat


Hitch Salon member registration for UC Berkeley Gala

Hitch Salon Business Members

Hitch Learn

Provide learners with the optimal roadmap to advance in AI, robotics, VR, the metaverse, and fintech. Hitch Salon Members receive 5% discount on all Hitch Learn products.

Wu Rong Museum

Antique villas and an exclusive tea tasting experience exclusively for 1000 Hitch Salon members.


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Tangy Noodle

Immersive dinning for authentic Chinese food at NYC.


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Leadways school

K12 school specialize in nurturing future leaders and entrepreneurs.

Hitch Salon Members

Top 100 Faculty innovator at UC Berkeley and series entrepreneur.

The creator of Google's image search and a prominent investor in Silicon Valley.

Princeton University Digital Learning Lab associate director.

Auction winner of Warren Buffet lunch and successful entrepreneur.

First Vice President at a high-ranking global commercial bank.

A seasoned investor and accomplished entrepreneur who successfully took their company public before the age of 30.

VP of Eisenhower Foundation and advisor for Interlink Capital founded by Neil Bush.

The executive of a $14 billion gaming company and a serial entrepreneur.

Seasoned international strategist with notable contributions such as establishing Carnegie Mellon's Qatar campus.

Member Handshake​

A current member would like to initiate a member handshake. Please send an email to member@hitchinteractive.com.

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