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Metaverse Master Class​

2 - 3

Learning Unity Game Engine

By the end of this course, students new to Metaverse programming will be able to make, produce, and build their own 2D/3D projects. It will cover essential functions of Unity Game Engine, including Unity interface, GameObject components, entry-level C# scripting, interactive game audio, and importing 2D / 3D art elements (Meshes / Sprites).

Total Lecture Time: 10 lectures

Prerequisites: N/A

Lecture 1: Introduction to Computer Programming 

Lecture 2: Python Numeric Variable Types 

Lecture 3: Strings and Text Input/Output

Lecture 4: Lists

Lecture 5: Conditions and Loops

Lecture 6: Functions

Lecture 7: Tuples and Dictionaries

Lecture 8: Sets and Hashing

Lecture 9: Classes and Object-Oriented Programming I 

Lecture 10: Classes and Object-Oriented Programming II

2 - 4

Unity Programming

This course introduces the fundamentals of C# programming in Unity Game Engine. From Physic engine elements such as Collider, Trigger, and Rigidbody to the concept of instantiating 3D models and bullets in the game scene, the students will learn the variety of tools essential for developing Unity Interactive projects. Students will develop a playable demo as the final assignment of this course.

Total Lecture Time: 10 lectures

Prerequisites: 2-3

Lecture 1: Basic Data Structure

Lecture 2: Debugging Skills

Lecture 3: Sorting Algorithms

Lecture 4: Queues and Breadth-First Search 

Lecture 5: Stacks and Depth-First Search 

Lecture 6: Priority Queues and A* Search

Lecture 7: Tree Structure

Lecture 8: File I/O

Lecture 9: Dynamic Programming I 

Lecture 10: Dynamic Programming II

3 - 4

Foundation of AR/VR and Metaverse

This course will immerse learners in the application of AR/VR and Metaverse. The lectures will assume learners have gained basic knowledge of computer vision (2-2) & gaming programming (2-4), and will introduce the science behind immersive 3D human perception and how modern wearable technologies may accurately stimulate human 3D perception using sensors and displays. The course lays the foundation for the learners to develop future metaverse applications.

Total Lecture Time: 10 lectures

Prerequisites: 2-2, 2-3, 2-4

Lecture1: Introduction to AR/VR

Lecture2: Human Perception of Reality

Lecture3: Near-Eye Display Technologies

Lecture4: Rigid-Body Motion

Lecture5: Cameras and Imaging

Lecture6: Depth Cameras

Lecture7: AR Localization

Lecture8: Human Avatar Creation

Lecture9: Experiment I: Build a Metaverse in Unity3D

Lecture10: Experiment II: Build a Metaverse in Unity3D

3 - 5

Creative Design of 3D World - Next Gen Character Creation

In this course, students will learn in-depth techniques for modeling, texturing, and rendering a cutting-edge real-time character. The class will work similarly to a live mentorship as students approach the creation of AAA game characters for their portfolios. Students should expect to cover head & hair, costume elements, low-poly UVs, and processing required to get the asset real-time ready, and finish with material and texture creation to set up the final model in the engine with final images.

Total Lecture Time: 10 lectures

Prerequisites: 2-3

Lecture 1: Introduction to CV 

Lecture 2: 3D Rigid-Body Motion 

Lecture 3: Imaging

Lecture 4: Image Features 

Lecture 5: Adaptive Algorithms 

Lecture 6: Object Detection 

Lecture 7: Cascade Classifiers 

Lecture 8: Object Tracking

Lecture 9: Localization

Lecture 10: 3D Sensing

Hitch Learn

The Hitch Learn curriculum is curated by world-class educators to offer a premier learning experience in cutting-edge technology disciplines. Our in-depth and interactive courses build a solid foundation to elevate our learners’ technical and analytical skills to pursue future careers in fast-growing emerging markets such as AI, Robotics, VR, Metaverse, and Fintech.

Hitch Play

We make STEM/STEAM education fun by bringing interactive and competitive games to the iOS ecosystem. Our mobile apps let users immerse themselves in exciting AI and Metaverse experiences with their friends and family.

Hitch Compete

Hitch sponsors world-class STEAM competitions to bring the experience in technology innovation and real-world practices to the next level. Our learners will be able to compete with their peers on the world stage and examine the mastery of their knowledge and skills. Hitch further rewards top performers in the competitions by promoting their technical papers, engineering innovations, and personal stories.


Hitch1999 is creating an exciting collection of interactive NFT projects that will attract the curiosity of more users to explore the new world of Metaverse. An interplaying metaverse of the future will be comprised of endless possibilities of miniverses that are created by diverse users.

Hitch Salon​

An invitation-only forum that connects innovators in exponential-growth technologies to engage in a wide range of topics of commoninterest. It brings learning, entrepreneurship, and innovation opportunities to our global events.

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