Diligent Learner

If you have a curious soul, your journey at Hitch2049 will brings you a fun lifelong learning journey. 


You have the ability to search and analyze situations and provide the most feasible solution. You would identify possibilities and embrace unexplored areas. You may enjoy: investigating new possibilities, grasping knowledge across various subjects and fields, and paying close attention to details while keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

Diligent Learner Road Map:

Diligent Learner @ Hitch2049:

Daniel Chuang, class of 2022, Harvard College


Daniel joined the Hitch2049 VVIP program in the spring of 2022 when he would soon enter the University of Michigan’s Honors Program as a freshman. Daniel has always demonstrated a strong interest in computer science and a strong passion for AI and autonomous driving. In Summer 2022, Daniel came in first place with his team’s innovative solution in the ROAR S1/S2 Series Competition. At Hitch2049, Daniel devoted to these subjects by practicing and applying programming skills within such fields. He further studied deep learning and reinforcement learning, and finally applied the knowledge he learned in an exciting ROAR competition. Daniel’s commitment and outstanding performance were impressive. Hitch2049’s counselor recommended Daniel to be a summer intern at UC Berkeley, participating in Berkeley’s team to compete in Indy Autonomous Challenge, the world’s most prestigious Autonomous Racing Car Competition. Daniel’s inspiring journey at Hitch2049 conveys a message- to always remain curious and live as a lifelong learner because opportunities are only reserved for those who are prepared.