Creative Communicator

As a natural leader, empathy, sensitivity towards anticipated behavior, and communication are your strengths.


Your interest in mapping processes and investigating the connections between all matters makes you an excellent visualizer. By putting yourself in others’ shoes, considering problems from different perspectives, and looking at the long-term consequences of your actions, you always make a positive impact. Things you find fascinating: self-expression, public speaking, listening, sharing, and storytelling.

Creative Communicator Road Map:

Creative Communicator @ Hitch2049:

Peter Peng, class of 2020, Dulles High School Math and Science Academy


Peter joined the Hitch2049 VVIP program as an advanced junior high school student from Houston, Texas. While being the founder of the AI Club at his school and completing the AP course in CS, his most pressing desire was to understand the practical use of CS and AI in real life. As Peter also has a strong interest in business, practicality and product-market-fit of any technology are essential. Hitch2049’s counselor was able to identify his pain points and provided him with a curriculum that specifically focused on the skills and knowledge of AI and machine learning in pursuit of autonomous driving applications. To further enhance his application skills, Peter, as the team captain, formed a competition team to compete in Berkeley’s ROAR competition, where they won ROAR’s S2-series First Place Award in 2021. Peter expressed that this journey added valuable material to his resume. He also believes that learning AI is a key to many future business opportunities.