Cooperative Connector

You have strengths in strategic thinking, context switching, and a long-term vision.


You are open-minded and don’t hesitate to try new things. In your eyes, nothing is impossible. You are good at prioritizing tasks, managing team members, and nurturing others to succeed. You are a professional at: multitasking, time management, event/schedule planning, and maintaining a work-life balance.

Cooperative Connector Road Map:

Cooperative Connector @ Hitch2049:

Amanda, class of 2020, Phillips Academy Andover


Phillips Academy Andover is ranked as the best private school in the US, and it is famous for its STEAM education. As an alumna of the Hitch2049 VVIP program, Amanda is currently pursuing a promising career in engineering and artificial intelligence at such a prestigious school. When Amanda was still an 8th-grade student from a Bay Area public school, she developed an intense interest in the STEAM field. Hitch2049 career counselor helped her craft a precise path that best fits her goals. Our VVIP AI curriculum customized the entire learning journey for her based on her existing skillset at her own pace. This experience built a strong portfolio when she applied to Phillips Academy Andover. At Andover, Amanda continued her journey with Hitch2049 as she led a student team of five to compete in Berkeley’s ROAR Competition in 2021. Through Hitch2049’s intensive pre-competition training, Amanda’s team won ROAR’s S2-series First Place Award. Today, Amanda is confident in continuing her path to become a computer scientist. Hitch2049 aspires to help more students like Amanda achieve her academic and career goals while supporting girls in STEAM to open the door to unlimited opportunities.