Hitch Salon -- AI & Robotics series at Monza F1 Circuit (Temple of Speed)

Featuring an immersive AI education with an exclusive experience at the global leading AI racing competition

Program: This salon series includes exclusive multi-day VIP access to next-generation AI motorsports experience and one-day AI immersion course offered by the faculty of AI Racing Tech team from Berkeley, UCSD, and CMU

Duration: June 28 – July 2nd, 2024

Open to: Executives and future innovators with a university education or above

Program scope: Other than the VIP tours and faculty lectures described herein, Hitch Salon does NOT cover any transportation, CES tickets, hotel accommodation, and meals.

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Keep Your Business Ahead of the Curves as AI Redefines the Industry Landscape

Artificial intelligence is reshaping modern businesses. By integrating AI into their core functions, companies are capitalizing on the opportunities created by new AI capabilities. Regardless of your industry or business model, you don’t want to miss this game-changing trend.


Indy Autonomous Challenge is the world’s first-ever autonomous racing competition, showcasing the latest AI innovation as self-driving cars compete on the speedway.

Program Highlights

During the program, you could participate in a highly immersive executive training certificate program offered by the faculty of the University of California, Berkeley, in Monza, Italy. Additionally, you may have the chance to witness the most thrilling racing games, where AI fully controls the cars, competing on the Monza F1 track. During this program, you will learn the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and its applications. Moreover, you will have the chance to witness the collision of the world’s most cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies with the next-generation autonomous global racing challenge in the exciting F1 track, and engage in discussions and exchanges with the superminds of the future in the field of artificial intelligence.


This Hitch Salon series seamlessly integrates the hottest topics and theoretical knowledge in artificial intelligence with exclusive access to the world’s most spectacular global AI events. This unique combination helps students broaden their horizons and immerse themselves in real-world business success stories where artificial intelligence converges with the automotive and autonomous driving industries. 


Beyond theory, this Hitch Salon series also offers an exclusive opportunity to observe the next generation of motorsports competition—a racing car competition completely driven by AI. The Worlds leading AI competition-The Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) F1 track racing is a prestigious global competition held at Monza, Italy, where world’s most prestigious university teams compete to develop and race high-speed, self-driving cars using AI. The Everest of AI Racing Competition provide our students an opportunity to oversee the next-generation AI application in the world’s most exciting Motorsports racing games.

Executive Training Certificate from sponsored University Faculty

Exclusive Indy Autonomous Challenge Garage Visit and opportunity to interacting with world’s brightest minds in AI

VIP Access to global leading competition in AI and next generation Motorsports competition - Indy Autonomous Challenge at F1 track in Monza, Italy

Global alumni network for AI enthusiasts

Dive Deeper into the Immersive Learning Experience:
Key Event Introduction

This Hitch Salon series begins with a foundation in theory and carefully selects the most captivating next-generation fully autonomous racing events in the field of artificial intelligence. It offers students an exclusive and immersive educational experience in global AI learning. The program provides participants with a comprehensive perspective on AI applications, allowing them to deeply explore the applications and potential of cutting-edge AI technology. Attendees of this Hitch Salon series will be informed about and invited to future Hitch Salon events to broaden their social and professional network.

Indy Autonomous Challenge​​

Indy Autonomous Challenge is the world’s premier self-driving racing event where the leading universities and research institutions showcase the limitless possibilities of AI through their development of autonomous race cars. The competition pushes the boundaries of head-to-head autonomous racing and showcases the future of autonomous mobility. Nine IAC teams from around the world compete in a series of challenges to advance technologies that can increase the safety and performance of fully autonomous vehicles in the most challenging scenarios.

2024 Milan Monza International Motor Show

The Milan Monza Motor Show is an annual automotive exhibition to be held in Monza near Milan in June. The show focuses on promoting various means of transportation, particularly cars and motorcycles, and is one of the most important automotive and motorcycle exhibitions in Europe. The exhibition attracts many well-known car brands and manufacturers, showcasing the latest in automotive technology and design, as well as various car-related events and competitions such as car racing and car concerts. In 2024, the Indy Autonomous Challenge will partner with the Milan Monza Motor Show to showcase the latest technologies and innovations in autonomous racing.

Hitch Salon AI & Robotics series at Monza F1 Circuit

The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to combine theory with practice to help you better understand AI applications and implement newfound knowledge within your organization. Engage in a fully immersive AI education journey with AI events, case studies, and lectures from AI Racing Tech faculty (Berkeley, UCSD, CMU, and Hawaii).

June 28, 2024


Pre-race Visit at the Indy Autonomous Challenge Racing Garage

The AI Racing Tech, the most decorated US team consisting of Berkeley, UCSD, CMU, and Hawaii, has been making waves in the field of autonomous vehicle technology. They were the Silver Medal winner of 2022 Indy Autonomous Challenge Dallas race, and 3rd-Place winner of 2023 IAC CES race. The team also holds the fastest US road race record as of August, 2023.

June 29, 2024

Full Day

Indy Autonomous Challenge - AI Racing Competition

Picture this – you’re at the Monza F1 Circuit, watching the world’s top universities and institutions compete in a high-speed race featuring cutting-edge autonomous race cars. These cars are designed to navigate complex environments, make split-second decisions, and react to changing conditions with lightning-fast reflexes. And as they race around the track, you’ll be on the edge of your seat, marveling at the speed and agility of these advanced machines. Don’t miss the Indy Autonomous Challenge at the Monza F1 Circuit in Milan – it’s fast, furious, and powered by the most advanced AI and autonomous technology in the world.

June 30, 2024

Full Day

Milan Monza International Motor Show

In 2024, the Indy Autonomous Challenge will partner with the Milan Monza Motor Show to showcase the latest technologies and innovations in autonomous racing.

July 1, 2024

10:00 - 12:00

Visiting the Alfa Romeo Museum (Optional with Complimentary Ticket Provided)

The Alfa Romeo Museum is a captivating automotive museum located in Arese, Italy. It showcases the rich history and iconic models of the renowned Italian automaker, Alfa Romeo. You can emerge yourself with a diverse collection of vintage cars, concept vehicles, engines, and memorabilia here.

13:00 - 18:00 at the Alfa Romeo Museum Lecture Hall

Lecture One: Autonomous Driving Landscape at a Glance

The first lecture will offer a bird’s eye view about the evolution of the automobile industry from the first assembly line by Ford, the first collision avoidance system by Mobileye, the first high-resolution city map by Google, to the emergence of five-levels of autonomous driving systems (L1 — L5).

Lecture Two: Case Studies of Key Innovators

This lecture will discuss with the audience the major players who are the key innovators at different stages of the L1 — L5 autonomous driving ecosystem and their business models and technology moats.

Lecture Three: Drive-by-wire and Advanced Vehicle Control

This lecture presents a high-level overview of vehicles’ drive-by-wire system and how to improve autonomous driving performance via advanced vehicle control.

July 2, 2024

13:00 - 18:00 in the Lecture Room in UC Berkeley

Lecture Four: 3D Perception for Autonomous Driving

This lecture will examine the state-of-the-art 3D perception solutions for 3D perception that enable real-time and safe autonomous driving in urban terrains.

Lecture Five: Reinforcement Learning

This lecture will present the foundation of modern end-to-end approaches to fully control vehicles via reinforcement learning algorithms (i.e., self-learning by machines).

Lecture Six: Simulation and Digital-twin Collaboration

This lecture will overview how extensive vehicle and algorithm testing can be conducted via 3D simulation and digital-twin technologies.

UC Berkeley Executive Training Venue: The Alfa Romeo Museum

About the Instructor

Dr. Allen Y. Yang

Allen Yang is an Executive Director of FHL Vive Center for Enhanced Reality & Berkeley Defi Research Initiative at UC Berkeley. Allen was born into a family of educators and started learning coding on Apple II since 6 years old. After graduating from University of Illinois specialized in computer vision and machine learning, he has been an innovator in Bay Area in the past 18 years. At UC Berkeley, he founded the AR/VR and autonomous driving degree programs, and he advises more than 100 undergraduate and 20 graduate students annually. He also guest lectured at Haas Business School and for Fortune 500 CEOs. At Silicon Valley, he has co-founded three startup companies and was the chief designer and technician of two AR/VR smart glasses. He co-authored 20+ patents and 100+ publications. Allen also leads the AI Racing US Champion Team, the ROAR team, as its chairman. Under Allen’s leadership, the UC Berkeley ROAR team achieved the #1 rank in the US for the Indy Autonomous Challenge during the 2022-2023 season.

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